Hornberger Uhrenspiele

Registration in the Guinness Book of Records as the widest cuckoo clock (11,50 meters).

Quail calls every 1/4 hour.

Cuckoo calls on the hour and half hour.

Bellringer is ringing the bell every half hour.

Bell Tower

Four Black Forest Musicians are walking on the gallery.

Two little bambies are jumping up and down.

Two men drinking beer and a Black Forest lady with a rolling pin is hitting these thirsty brothers.

A Black Forest Saw Mill is sawing a log.

A chimney sweep is jumping out of the chimney.

Three pairs of Black Forest costumes dancing to the music.

A water wheel is turning while the music plays.

A clock-peddler is walking with his German Sheppard through the Black Forest while the music plays.

A water wheel is turning while the music plays.

Builder: Adolf Herr, Herbert Schieck, Thomas Schieck
Designer: Jürgen Herr
Construction Period: 1 Jahr
Size: Height 10,80m, Width 11,50m
Uhrwerk: Self - Construction
Musical Movement: Three melodies (Edelweiss, Woodchopper March, The Water Wheel in the Black Forest).
Year of Construction: 1995

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