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Adolf Herr Cuckoo Clock - The Black Forest House

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1 day
A cuckoo clock with a typical Black Forest house in a lighter wood colour. It has a bell tower on top of the hand-carved roof and a water trough, a bench and hand-carved tree trunks in front of the house. The cuckoo calls once on the half hour and on the full hour according to the time. The clock is personally signed at the back by the manufacturer Adolf Herr. His signature guarantees the experience of 7 generations of clock-workmanship. This clock comes with a certificate of authenticity (AHC).
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Adolf Herr

Clock Movement:
1-Day(daily wind-up) Regula rack strike movement with night off.
Wooden dial, diameter 2,7 Inch (7 cm), with wooden hands.
Diameter 2,7 Inch (7 cm), burnished
HerrZeit wooden cuckoo (handcarved)
basswood (limewood)

Manufacturer Adolf Herr
Weight net:2.1 kg
Weight gross:3.1 kg
Height:29 cm/11.4 inch
Width:20 cm/7.9 inch
Depth:16 cm/6.3 inch
Warranty 2 years product warranty
Material Wood
Type Authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clock
Origin Made in Germany
Adolf Herr

Adolf Herr – Creator of Black Forest Clocks of long tradition
In 1730 Anton Ketterer built the first cuckoo clock. In the 1780´s Adolf Herr´s ancestor, Johann Hiller, already built clocks in the Black Forest. His son in law, Johann Baptist Rainer, born in 1763 continued the clock making tradition. His son in law, Christian Herr, born 1814 was clock maker, too. From then on, the clock making art was handed down from father to son. Bernhard Herr, born 1842, Robert Herr, born 1876, and Rudolf Herr, born 1901, established a family tradition in making fine clocks. Adolf Herr, Rudolf´s son, married to Gerlinde Eble, whose great-grandfather, grandfather, and father had also been clockmakers, opened his own business in 1977 – the House of Black Forest Clocks. He has been creating cuckoo clocks in ever since, inventing new designs and, above all, new movements that have found a new place in many households in Germany and overseas. The creator´s autograph guarantees the experience of 7 generations of making clocks.

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